Starting A New Chapter

Hi Everyone – 

My name is Shawn (aka Mr Geek) and I’m just your average, 30-something guy hailing from the City of Bridges, Pittsburgh, PA.  By day, I work for a sporting goods company in their eCommerce department and by night, I am reading obsessed (we can’t forget my other hobbies like being a Tech Nerd, Golfing Guru, Apple Aficionado, Coffee Connoisseur and Wine Snob).  

I have always loved the idea of blogging and writing about something I’m passionate about.  I started a book review blog a couple years ago but the combination of focusing strictly on reviews (limited content) and some family health issues didn’t really set me up for success.   I’ve decided to try blogging one more time and go all in – Welcome to Treat Yo Shelf by Mr Geek!  This time around, I’m changing up the rules and coming back with a revised game plan.  Instead of only focusing on book reviews, I’ll be taking a more “bookish” approach.  So… What the heck does that mean?  It means that in addition to book reviews, I’m also going to be writing about a variety of book-themed topics like:

  1. Top 5 Lists by Genre
  2. Funny / Super Short Reviews
  3. Audiobooks
  4. Favorite Book Quotes
  5. Recent Book Hauls / Purchases
  6. Book / eBook Deals
  7. Bookish Product Reviews
  8. Reading Recaps
  9. Upcoming Books
  10. “If You Like This, You’ll Like That” Recommendations
  11. To Be Read (TBR) Plans
  12. Reading Challenges / Read-A-Thons
  13. How-To Topics
  14. and the occasional, “Rant” Post

My goal is to make this a fun, interactive place for you to get all your bookish content.  Please feel free to comment, ask questions and engage with me!  I’m always looking for my next favorite read and, hopefully, you’ll find a noteworthy recommendation or two along the way as well!  Hopefully this is the start of a great journey! 

Remember Friends – There’s always time to treat yo shelf!

Until Next Time,
Mr. Geek